Cherry Bomb: From T&A to TNT!

I'm Geo Brawn, and I'm a screen writer, a painter, a voice actor, and a graphic novelist. That last part is what I'm here to talk about. The creations of a single sexy character that created an entire universe for me.
Original Cherry Bomb drawing

See, once upon a time, I worked as a phone rep supervisor for a now defunct cable company, and there was this one friend of mine there who was having a particularly bad day ... and all I could do to help was draw her as this sexy goth-looking super hottie, I saw her as ...(the image at right)

Well, it did the trick and changed her day, but what I didn't know at the time is that this little goth vampire hottie with long pig-tails and a snarky attitude, was going to change my life. As I said, that company was going out of business and after eight years I was looking at the certainly of unemployment. But it made me start creating her more and more, and then thinking about the world she would live in... and so I did, I started creating other characters and creatures galore. And then stories. I needed stories and adventures for this sexy lil creation to go on.

And so the idea for my first venture into comic books, "Blood Rites" came to be. But, this story wold be put on the back burner until the first book of this series could make it's way and it was a much better start to the series that would come to be known as "The Untold Chronicles."

Part of Cherry Bomb's charm: Her comedy.
I took this business very seriously, and marketing became important. But after I finished that first book, I wanted to just have fun with the second story. I had gotten my start into professional comic books in a non-traditional way... I started with Carnal Comics and a spin-off comic of their lead-ship character Demi the Demoness, called Sex Squad. That's right, I started my career in X-rated comic books.

And I was the penciler for this story, and it taught me to do whatever I wanted to do as far as subject matter, but do it in a smart way. So, from what I learned in that early endeavor was that sex sells, and Cherry Bomb was just the kind of character that could bring that whole process home for me.

This deadly, funny, sarcastic pre-twenty-something was going to get her own indie-comic story. And it was gonna be sexy, and bawdy and full of hidden and not so hidden innuendos. Sexy horror was started with Everdance, (book one in "The Untold Chronicles" series), but now it was time to turn it up with just a lot of adult fun.

Cherry Bomb took on all the characteristics I saw in my friend. Complete with her naturally sexy attitude, that was almost like a younger more alive version of Elvira. And with her two-toned black hair, and pale-white skin, her goth-sexy clothing and deep red lips, Cherry Bomb was easy to make come to life and inspiration was born.
Cherry Bomb Pinup (Circa 2012)

But the story itself changed a bit in scope. It wasn't enough to just do a small comic based on the story in my head. I wanted full graphic novels. And so the sexy T&A story developed into a sexy horror jaunt with more of a story of sexy empowered female characters

Watching this character grow and become something even more inventive than I ever planned has been a treat, to say the least. And I still can't wait to eventually make her into a full fledged movie character one day as well ...eventually.

As time when on and The Untold Chronicles garnered me some respect in the indy-comic world, I grew in business and started doing my fair share of goth club appearances and horror cons all over the West Coast ...and for a time I even had a cosplayer all decked out as Cherry Bomb going to cons with me and boy, could she draw a crowd!

Brenna Rhea as Cherry Bomb

The lead character in Blood Rites: Next GEN.... 2nd Book of The Untold Chronicles.

You can see more of Cherry Bomb, the characters of Blood Rites: Next GEN and all my other stories on my website and at The Official Untold Chronicles Website.


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