Debra Lamb as Ms. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Scream Queen Debra Lamb's talents have been featured on these pages before, but this recently surfaced video of Debra performing at the West Hollywood nightclub Peanuts in 1992 is a gem that many fans have not yet had the pleasure of viewing.

During her late-80s to early-90s heyday, Debra was well-know around the LA dance club circuit for her performances capped with her fire eating and breathing. It was a skill she also showed off in several of her films, such as Stripped to Kill II: Live Girls, Satan's Princess, Ballerina Finale, and in a 2001 episode of Star Trek Enterprise entitled "Broken Bow," in which she was credited as "Alien Fire-Eater." Unfortunately that scene ended up on the cutting room floor but is available in the "deleted scenes" special feature of the DVD.

Debra is still know to do "fiery" performances on occasion, such as during her 2011 appearance on Creepy KOFY Movie Time. An Idol Features favorite, see more of Debra here at her June 2011 interview, her October 2012 Follow-Up Interview, and the feature on her 2001 short film Event.


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