In the Dungeon with Onyx Hades

Horror show hostess Onyx Hades (pronounced "On-iks Hay-dees") in set to debut her new Internet show In the Dungeon with Onyx Hades. The show, recorded from Onyx's hauntingly seductive manor, is slated to feature horror film reviews, as well as occasional guests.

Onyx, who's the former co-host of the podcast show Horrorcopia, very recently told me that she'll be hosting In the Dungeon solo. It's scheduled to make its debut on Halloween (just two days away, as this goes to press) but that date may be pushed back to Miss Hades' birthday; November the 4th.

You can catch In the Dungeon with Onyx Hades at it's official Youtube channel. Onyx promises it to be a lot of fun ....and hopefully a little creepy, at times. She likes creepy.

October 28, 2015 interview with Onyx Hades


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