Heroines and Bad Girls Deep Inside the Pirate Office

As a creator, I get to draw inspiration from all over the place, and that all comes together for me here in my very own "Pirate Office." It's a place where I do all my digital artwork, great pinups for Geo's Vixens, and my salute to pinups. It's where I recently created the first book for The Angel Codex; Midnight Angel: Afterfall, and it's where I work on writings for Idol Features as well, like now.

All of this comes together in one spot: The Pirate Office. It's here that I'll now be focusing on as a feature for my Youtube channel, where the first episode is now up. I'll take all those who want to see what inspires some great art and a lot of madness. It's that source of energy that really takes me anywhere I want to go, in terms of my art. I'll be honest; usually, it's a very sexy place I end up going. Creating pinups for a living has really made my world complete, and many of the statues in the Pirate Office will be highlighted. I'll also be telling everyone what I like, or sometimes dislike, about various items that dwell deep within the Pirate Office's hollowed walls. It's a who's who of sexy horror and amazing comic book heroines and bad girls. Why is that? Because more than anything, I'm inspired by strong empowered and yes, sexy, creations.

Hand-painted Catwoman from Batman '89. Mee-oww!
Some of the items in the Pirate Office I even create with my own two hands. In most cases, just to see how I would do it. No matter what it is in here, the one pure factor remains: Every last statue, creation, figure, etc. have one thing in common; they were all just an idea in somebody's head, and that idea grew and became something for all to see. So, this review show I'll be doing is really going to be informative and most of all; fun.

What drew me in to create this show is the various people I know, who, once they see the Pirate Office, are just fascinated by all that is in here. Its been said, "It's like Disneyland, because you can't see it all in just one day, " and it's true, I have to agree with that statement. It is a lot of fun to work in an environment like this just for the pure sexy geek factor alone. But the pure inspiration to be more and create more is really the best part about this. Check it out, subscribe, and see for yourself just what I'll be reviewing next. Episode 2 will be coming soon.

Planet Terror film figures
"Lilith" bust. Hand-made by yours truly.

Gozer from Ghostbusters figure
Animatronic Medusa statue (Don't peek)

Yes, the Pirate Office has its own alter of sexy, complete with an Olivia print of Julie Strain. 

One of my favorite bad girls, Harley Quinn, stands before my collection of femme fatale figures

Pirate Wench Extraordinaire and Lady Death from the Femme Fatal collection

Seven of Nine as well as the Hellraiser puzzle box have such sights to show you, along with one
my favorite books, Frank Cho's Women. And yes, that's a steampunk Batgirl in the forefront.


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