Michael Myers' Victim, Karen Bailey

As I stated in my last post here, in my opinion, the original Halloween II had the hottest victims of all the films in the franchise. My choice for the hottest was Alice Martin (see last post) but I'm sure there are many who'd say it was nurse Karen Bailey (played by Pamela Susan Shoop), who got "deep fried" by Michael Myers in the hydrotherapy tub at Haddonfield Memorial. Yes, the hot water she got into with head nurse Alves for showing up 15 minutes late for her shift, was nothing compared to the above.

Pamela as nurse Karen Bailey, before her
fateful visit to the hydrotherapy room
Karen was laid to rest in Mt. Sinclair Cemetery on November 3, 1978 and if you're interested in other details on her such as her Social Security number or the attendant he prepared her body for burial, just check out her Halloween Wiki page.

As for the portraying actress, Pamela has an official website and has made occasional appearances at horror conventions along with other Halloween alumni. An interesting footnote to this scene is that, according to Pamela, the water in the tub was actually very cold.

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