Michael Myers' Victim, Jill Franco

To make this a Halloween victim trilogy, here's Haddonfield Memorial nurse Jill Franco (played by Tawny Moyer) getting stabbed in the back and elevated by antagonist Michael Myers in the original Halloween II, which was, arguably to few, one of the best horror sequels ever made.
Tawny Moyer as the ill-fated
Nurse Jill Franco
Miss Moyer has stated this was her favorite scene in the movie to shoot, and especially loves the part where the clogs slip off her feet. Her acting resume seems to have ended in 2001 but she, like Pamela Susan Shoop (nurse Karen Bailey, who got deep fried in the hydrotherapy tub), has since made occasional appearances at horror conventions and probably will continue to do so in the future.

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  1. Yeah I'll always remember her death because of the clogs falling off her feet.


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