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Roxy Vandiver began modeling six years ago and has since become a muse to many well-respected photographers around her native Houston, Texas. She was bitten by the acting bug after coming across an online ad for a casting call for the Mel House horror film Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen. Since then, acting has been her first love and she's made quite a name for herself in the Texas horror film industry. Roxy's movie credits now include Killer School Girls from Outer Space, Renfield the Undead,Crumble, and Spirit Camp, in which she had a starring role.

I recently contacted the model, actress, makeup artist, hairstylist, part-time muse and inventor of the word "cinematographical" about an interview for a feature here. Even though it may not be as much of an honor as being named August's "Babe from the Basement" by the guys over at Monsters from the Basement, she very happily agreed ....and even sent me a special, personalized photo to go along with her replies to my questions. No, it wasn't the above photo, which was taken by L. J.

From Roxy's first modeling shoot, circa 2005
CHRIS CHARLES: I'm very pleased to feature you, Roxy. As you know, I featured your close friend Rebekah Herzber here several weeks ago. What are some projects the two of you have done together?
ROXY VANDIVER: Surprisingly, Bekah and I have never done an "official" project together, though I did help her get a role in my pal Marcus Sabom's film The Good Friend. Most of my collaborations with Bekah have been of the drunken shenanigans sort. And we're really good at getting famous people to adore us.
CHRIS: And not-so-famous people, I'm sure. I know that Scream Queen icon Brinke Stevens reads and personally responds to all of her letters and e-mails. I understand you do as well?
ROXY: I do. I try very hard to keep up with my fans on Facebook and via email. My fans are the best a gal could ask for.
CHRIS: You said you're inspired by some famous (or some may consider, infamous) blondes, such as Madonna, Courtney Love, and Gwen Stefani. I was surprised not to see Marilyn Monroe at the top of your list, since a lot of your photo shoots look very Marilyn-inspired. True?
ROXY: Ahhh, but you are mistaken, good sir. The reason so many of my looks and photo shoots are Marilynesque is because I find her fascinating and definitely idolize her. She was so beautiful and vulnerable, yet so intelligent. One of my favorite quotes is hers: "If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. I'd rather be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
CHRIS: Ahh, yes. I felt certain there was a strong Marilyn influence there. So, when you started modeling, did you do nudity from the start or did you take that step later on?
ROXY: I dove in with both feet. I did full nudity on my first photo shoot. Kenny of Subsociety Studio snapped the shots. I was such a bad model back then though! I knew nothing about posing or finding my light, but some of those shots did turn out amazing and are still fan faves today.
March 2010 at the Rocbar's Monthly Mayhem party
CHRIS: Tell me about your first acting role.
ROXY: My first role was a stroke of luck really. I stumbled across a casting call online and e-mailed Mel House, the director of Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen. It is a super cheesy, god-awful film and I think everyone involved totally agrees. I did learn a lot on that film though and definitely got my foot in the door. Plus, it was pretty cool to go to Blockbuster and see a movie I was in on the shelf!
CHRIS: Ever turn down a role or take one that you later regretted taking?
ROXY: Oh damn. Yeah. I think every actor has been in that boat. I recently backed out of a role after seeing some footage from the film. It just looked so bad from a cinematographical perspective. Bad lighting, bad shooting. I'm at a point in my career where I don't want to do films that I am not confident in. (Roxy coined the word "cinematographical.")
CHRIS: Was Spirit Camp your first starring role?
ROXY: Indeed it was. And also the most wonderful experience of my life, so far. We worked so hard on that film, but we also had tons of fun. That film and the time we had making it is so special to me. I made some life-long friends on that set.
CHRIS: In it, you played Nikki, a bad girl attending cheer camp. Were you ever a cheerleader in high school?
ROXY: I was a total metal-head stoner in high school. So, no. However, in intermediate school I was cheer captain for 4 years and even Homecoming Queen. Don't tell anyone!
CHRIS: Don't worry, very few people visit this site. Which I don't understand since there are so many awesome and exclusive features here like this one with you. Anyway, what were your best and worst subjects (in school)?
Roxy often works with Kerry Beyer, who directed
her in Spirit Camp and whom she considers a
mentor. And she actually did play the bass, but told
me she gave it up because it was too hard to put
together a band and besides, she'd rather front.
ROXY: I was actually a straight-A student in school. EXCEPT in math and science. I had this really hot astronomy teacher my junior year named Mr. Youngblood. He had a tattoo and played guitar. All the girls swooned. But astronomy is NOT all star-gazing and constellations. It's a ton of fucking MATH. Grrrrrr. I pulled a B average in those areas, but I was in the gifted program and maintained a very high GPA which got me an academic scholarship to the University of Texas, but I didn't go. I decided to become an artist instead! My best subjects were English and history. I can write the hell out of an essay and tell you every state capitol. I was voted "Most Argumentative" and "Most Unique" in my senior yearbook. I was also president of the art club.
CHRIS: In addition to modeling and acting, you're also a skilled photographer and makeup artist. Do you feel you can be equally expressive working on either side of the camera?
ROXY: Oh yes. I was also the head photographer of my high school yearbook, but I sort of let it fall by the wayside for many years. I've only recently gotten back into it. I work very closely with the in-house photographers at my company, Kitty 5 Oh. At this point, I still feel more comfortable in front of the camera because I was a 35mm darkroom gal. Digital has brought photography to such an amazing level. I have this badass camera that does things I can't even figure out!
CHRIS: Can you tell me a little more about your company, Kitty 5 Oh, Inc.?
ROXY: K5O (for short) is the company that I started this year. Basically it is a studio that creates and caters to many different types of art including; my own modeling, photography, makeup artistry, beauty, fashion and modeling tips and tricks, running my website, retouching and digital imaging. I sort of got tired of not owning the copyrights to my modeling photos, so now I have in-house photographers that release all work to me to do as I please with it. I also offer packages to models looking to be photographed. They start at only $50 and go up to $100. The $100 package includes giving the model access to my own personal wardrobe which is fabulous and huuuuuuge!
Roxy did her own hair & makeup, as well as
co-designed this bubble wrap dress for this
shoot with Stanford Moore
CHRIS: It's great of you to do that for models just starting out. So, you're an avid reader and I understand that William Golding's Lord of the Flies is one of your favorites (showing Roxie that I've done my homework on her). Who are some of your other favorite authors?
ROXY: My absolute favorite author of all time is Anne Rice. Her Vampire Chronicles changed my life. They basically turned me Goth! I first picked up Interview with the Vampire when I was 12 years old and locked myself in my room until I finished it. Her leading man Lestat de Lioncourt is my literary hero. I have a large portrait of him tattooed on my back. I also love Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse Series, which are the novels that HBO's Trueblood is based on.
CHRIS: What (book) is on your nightstand now?
ROXY: There is ALWAYS a book on my nightstand. Right now it's the 3rd book in Mary Janice Davidson's vampire series. It's sort of like if Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City were a vampire. Clearly, I have a thing for vampires (laughs).
CHRIS: Yes, I definitely surmised that. Perhaps that's why your "day" job is actually a night job; bartending. After stalking the bar at Rocbar in Houston, and occasionally getting hosed down with cool water, you moved to the 9400 Club. Can you still be caught there?
ROXY: I quit bartending several months ago to focus on getting healthy and working on my art. I had spinal meningitis in March, which was not fun. I'm kind of ready to get back into the game of slingin' drinks though. Bartending is fun!
CHRIS: Were you sort of a celebrity at the places you worked?
ROXY: My life is really surreal. I go to horror and comic conventions and I can't walk ten feet without a photo or autograph request, but at the local grocery store I am totally anonymous. It's a mixed blessing!
Roxy in the kitchen.
Photo by Sam at PBS Photography
CHRIS: So, what's something you can tell me about yourself that I wouldn't be able to find by going online and doing research on you?
ROXY: Oh geez. Okay, this is not very juicy, but most people don't know that I am a totally badass White Trash cuisine chef. I can NOT make you a salmon with steamed veggies, but if you give me some pasta, a can of Wolf Brand chili and Pace picante sauce I will make you forget fine dining!
CHRIS: Sounds great, especially since I've never been one for fine dining (wondering if she really wears something like in the photo at left in the kitchen while she makes that dish). So, what projects and events do you have slated for the near future?
ROXY: I'm in talks about a few cool projects, but I can't say too much at this point. Let's just say you can look forward to seeing me as an evil priestess, a kickass zombie killer and a really oddly complicated woman.
CHRIS: Well, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for your future projects and you've been awesome to chat with, Roxy. Now you no longer have to envy Rebekah for being featured here. Any parting words, wishes or shout-outs?
ROXY:, and shout-outs to; H-Town! my mentor Kerry Beyer, my lovely Rebekah Herzberg, my BFF's Jeremy Sumrall, Misty Reed, Natalie Armantrout, Brooke Jones, Amy LaFavers and Sabrina Sin. My K5O photographers Tony Rodriguez, Trenchcoat Joe and Johnny Katana. America's Bad Kids John Torrani and Ted Geoghegan, and of course, my fans. I love you all!
CHRIS: Oh, one last question: Are you still a big "Jessie and the Rippers" fan?
ROXY: Jessie, always. The Rippers, not so much.

Last year on the set of Renfield the Undead

From a shoot with Lucifer Jones

Shooting the music video for "Green Hair" by Harem Festival

Promo poster for Spirit Camp. Roxy stars as Nikki, a streetwise juvenile
delinquent who's sent to cheerleader camp as part of her rehabilitation.

Definitely a girl that could come between a man and his car, Roxy's seen here with the actual
cherried-out 1958 Plymouth Fury that was used in the movie Christine.This was her first of
two encounters with the classic car from the 1983 film based on the Stephen King novel.

From a "Marilynesque" beach photo shoot with Tony Rodriguez

Roxy showing some of the actual battle wounds she got while making Spirit Camp

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(Author's Note: As of this posting, Roxy has reportedly been recovering from spinal meningitis brought on by encephalitis. Stating she was laid up during the summer, she says she's now back with her latest project, "Splatterfest 2011" by Snuggle Struggle Productions.)


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