Alien Bikini Girl, Ha Eun-jung

"Give me!" Poster for Invasion of Alien Bikini
I've only seen clips so far, but if I were to write a review of the recently released Korean comedy-sci-fi movie Invasion of Alien Bikini, the focus of the review would most likely be on star Ha Eun-jung, the stills I would include would all be of star Ha Eun-jung, and the main reason I would give for seeing the movie would probably be because Ha Eun-jung stars in it. Therefore, this entry should just be on Ha Eun-jung and not her new movie.

Even though she does provide the film with great eye candy, the 31 year-old actress has shown she's more than just a voluptuous figure. Since this movie has only been released in Korea so far, it will be a while before it's available on DVD for all to view, but the reviews I've read of the overall film as well as Eun-jung's performance, have been surprisingly good. Both have overshadowed another concurrently-released Korean film with a bigger budget and higher profile female star, that have gotten much poorer marks from critics.

Although I labeled this under "B-Movies," Korea doesn't really doesn't have a B-movie industry as we do in the US. With the exception of adult ("ero") movies, pretty much all Korean films are theatrical releases. However, since Eun-jung previously starred in the 2009 comedy-horror flick The Neighbor Zombie, she could be on her way to being considered a sort of Korean equivalent to American B-movie Scream Queens such as Linnea Quigley and Monique Gabrielle.

Promotional shot for Invasion of Alien Bikini

Still from the movie

Walking the red carpet at the 2011 Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival

Promoting Invasion of Alien Bikini at the PIFFF

Eun-jung as a very pretty zombie in Neighbor Zombie (2009)

Invasion of Alien Bikini trailer


  1. Any idea when this will be out on DVD in Canada or the US?

  2. @L.J. - As far as I know, not yet but it shouldn't be long. It's currently available on DVD in Korea, but only encoded for region 3.


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