Korean Ero Actress Oaem Da-hye

It came as no surprise when I recently read that the model featured on the poster for the 2007 South Korean movie Cadaver (above) isn't actress Han Ji-min, who stars in the film, but in fact, is adult video actress (or "ero" actress, as they're called in Korea) Oaem Da-hye (pronounced "Ohm Da-hae"). Even though Da-hye didn't appear in the mainstream film, she has appeared in many other things.

Currently, Da-hye (27) is one of the best-know adult actresses/models in Korea, having appeared in magazines, videos, and even stage plays since 2001. In fact, yours truly had the pleasure of meeting her in 2002 after one of her performances at the Daehangno theater district in Seoul. Her most recent stage performance was in Miranda 2007, that was based on the novel The Collector by John Fowels.

She's also a favorite "porno jockey," often hosting and appearing on some of Korea's most popular live adult websites. Since her activities and popularity are pretty much limited to Korea, there was virtually no information about her on the net in English ....until now.

One of her early magazine features

From a 2002 photo shoot for a stage play entitled Feels Like Heaven.
This shot was also used as a promo for Miranda 2007.

Enjoying the music of the Scorpions


  1. Thanks for the info on this babe! Read where someone thought she and Da Ham were the same girl

    1. Yeah, I've seen a couple of blogs where the poster thought they were the same girl. They do have certain similarities, like their names, but just a little research would show they're two different ladies. Here's Da-ham:

  2. Replies
    1. I did speak with her for a few minutes after the show but no interview. It's been several years now, but as I recall, she was surprised that a non-Korean knew who she was. She told me she'd never been to the US but had relatives in Chicago.

  3. lol..why they looked alike?...coz of the plastic surgery of course!


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