Horror Film Reviewer Lilith Kafka

It's no secret, especially since she introduces herself as Jackie in the above video to kick off her recently launched Youtube channel, that Lilith Kafka is a professional name. However, it's hardly an alter ego. Those who know Jackie Dusza personally or Lilith Kafka professionally, know that she lives and breathes horror and can articulately express her critiques on any of the hundreds of fright films she's seen since childhood.

Launched aptly the day before Halloween and simply titled "Lilith Kafka" (for now, anyway), Lilith's film review channel will focus primarily on the independent horror genera, but she'll also devote some reviews to mainstream horror films and possibly some non-horror films in the future. Lilith is also a big supporter of indie film producers, who often work with limited budgets, so she doesn't believe in piracy. The films she reviews are from her own vast DVD collection or were sent to her by producers. To those indie film producers and directors who follow this site and hadn't heard of Lilith before; remember, you heard of her here first and you can learn a lot more about her in this recent interview.

November 16, 2015 interview with Lilith Kafka

Viewers can expect Lilith to be doing her reviews dressed as she in on the right, rather
than as she is on the left. Her heavy metal and horror-themed t-shirt collection looks
to be about as vast as her movie collection.

Paying homage to Wednesday Addams and Edgar Allan Poe, whose works she's an avid reader of

From the very cold photo shoot Lilith speaks of (at 16:30) in Massachusetts last year


Showing off the tattoo artwork of Lou Jacque and Jeff Mansolf of Clockwork Tattoo


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