Andreea Boyer

Born in Romania near the Bran Castle (more popularly known as Dracula's Castle), Andreea Boyer has had the desire to write and act from an early age. She had three books of her poetry collections published when she was only 15 and she wrote, directed, and co-starred in her short Jamira, and full-length film Mondo Americana, a year later. Currently, Andreea has just finished writing a screenplay for a full length film. She tells me it's an action film and she just sent off her work to an agency in Los Angeles, where she plans to make a return trip in late October. She also has a featured role alongside Tristan Risk (American Mary's "Beatress") in Ulli Lommel's upcoming Boogeyman: Reincarnation.

I found Andreea very charming, with a good sense of humor, and expressive eyes (she tells me change color with her emotions) that convey fervor reminiscent of Hollywood's silent screen stars. One of her favorite topics to talk about is food, which she will at length, especially the dishes she's tried from the countries she's visited. She raved about the simple fish and vegetable meals she had during her stay with the natives of Brazil's Bahia region and also told of an unpleasant experience she had with some bad carpaccio while in Paris earlier this year. Also very health conscious when it comes to food, Andreea says she feels guilty about eating meat ("It makes me feel like a lion when I do," she says), but vegetarianism just isn't for her.

Andreea also tells me she loves to travel and it gives her inspiration for her writings. She was in Paris until the middle of this May and, as of this writing, is back home in Munich. Her travel plans include another trip to the US next year, with Atlanta and San Francisco on her list of cities to visit. The above photo of Andreea on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard last June, is courtesy of Andreea herself.

Andreea last year in Los Angeles
CHRIS CHARLES: I understand you became interested in poetry and screenwriting at a young age?
ANDREEA BOYER: Yes, I started writing poems at age nine and loved painting. Later, I become very fascinated by movies and started writing my own "screenplay" for a movie at age 13. Many others followed after that.
CHRIS: What was that first movie you wrote the screenplay for?
ANDREEA: A kind of an action film. I really love and still do love all action movies. I guess I got this passion from my father. We both watched TV together, spending time while I was visiting him. The television developed a father-daughter relationship between us. I watched the movie Titanic by James Cameron when I was four years old. Since then, I've had a huge passion for movies and TV. It became my life that I grew up with. I've since studied acting in Paris, with the great acting coach Jack Garfein. He was the exclusive coach for James Dean, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe, to name a few. I do love this by John Strasberg, the son of Lee Strasberg, on acting, or maybe non-acting:
What makes an artist? What makes him or her creative, going beyond technique? The answer is profoundly simple, the ability to be inspired, able to live spontaneously in the context of the character and the play. Because, life is defined by its ability to be spontaneous. Without this spontaneity, really living in the moment, there is no art, there is only mechanical technique.
In Brazil during the 2014 World Cup
CHRIS: You wrote, co-directed, and co-starred in Jamira. Was that your first short film?
ANDREEA: Yes, Jamira was one of my first short movies. I made it when I started being serious about working in the film industry. Well, I've been acting since age 3 1/2 and now I'm 19 years old. My mother did a great job. She helped with with everything and took care of financing my short movies. For Jamira, I got a well-known actress from Germany (Annika Strauss) and a great crew.
CHRIS: Another one you wrote, directed, and appear in is Mondo Americana. Is it still in post-production?
ANDREEA: Mondo Americana is ready for Cinema/TV. I was 17 when I wrote the screenplay and played the main role in it. In 2014, I spent five months in Brasil, as firsthand exclusive camera operator and also as myself, for the international documentary movie, Campo Bahia Unplugged, which is about the German team and why they won the World Cup.
CHRIS: Tell me a little about the storyline and your character in Mondo Americana.
ANDREEA: I had a great chance to develop my character on my own while co-writing the screenplay. Julia, who is 17, is like a mirror for all young girls worldwide, who dream about becoming a star. The movie also reveals what it takes to follow this dream; surrounded by danger and also hope, Julia soon discover her talent and uses the camera for sending a message
CHRIS: Hmm, sounds a little autobiographical. Also I see you have several behind-the-scene credits, such as camera operator and electrical. What other behind-the-scenes duties have you performed?
ANDREEA: Well, those are for Campo Bahia Unplugged and that's right, I studied film in Hamburg, Germany and as an actor, it's actually important to see everything on set from all perspectives. I was very curious to know what's going on in front of, as well as behind, the camera. Also, for using this experience in the future if I want to do my own movie one day as a director.
As Stella/"The Bride" in Ulli Lommel's upcoming
 Boogeyman: Reincarnation. Yes, it's her real hair.
CHRIS: I see you also have a role in the upcoming Boogeyman: Reincarnation. What was filming that one like?
ANDREEA: Yes, I have a main role. I'm the "Bride of Frankenstein" and a flight attendant. It was a great and interesting experience. I do remember when I was six years old and was crying in the theater because of two or three hours of being in makeup. Well, for Boogeyman, it took the same, every day for almost two weeks. Every day, two or three hours getting made up. I was always the earliest one in the make up room ...and I had to be very carefully with touching objects and people. The makeup artist used great stuff but still I was concerned that a small part could wipe off.
CHRIS: Our mutual friend, Tristan Risk is also in that one. Did you get to work closely with her?
ANDREEA: Yes!! We actually always worked together.
CHRIS: I did an interview with her two years ago. Love her. So, where did you film that movie?
ANDREEA: In Alberta, Canada. We used a real airplane for the flying scenes.
CHRIS: I'll sure look forward to seeing that one. You look amazing as the Bride. That's your real hair, right?
ANDREEA:Yes, It was black for the role, now it's brown again.
CHRIS: So, where are you originally from?
ANDREEA: I was born in Transylvania, right next to the "Vampire Castle."
CHRIS: Ahh yes, I remember you telling me that before. Have you ever visited it and gone inside?
With Tristan Risk and John Blackport on
the set of Boogeyman: Reincarnation
ANDREEA: Yes! I did spent lots of time as a small child, looking up to it and the moon and stars. It's very magical ....and all the candlelights they have there at night. On every full moon, I looked up and told the universe about my dreams ....and the universe responded to me 10 years later.
CHRIS: That's awesome. So, I'm guessing horror is your favorite film genre?
ANDREEA: No, I do love action, love stories, and dramas. I'd love to play and write a comedy, too. I can be very funny! I guess because I'm a artist and nobody understands me (winks).
CHRIS: You have really expressive eyes. With comedy, do you like to use many facial expressions to convey your thoughts?
ANDREEA: Yes, facial and body expression.
CHRIS: Have you done much physical comedy?
ANDREEA: On stage in theater but I do prefer in front of the camera. I like the developing progress which starts between actors in front of the camera. On a theater stage you must impress and force the viewers to laugh. I do like it more natural and not extreme, but I do respect and admire all stage actors which do that. I'm sure I'll get back to it in near future, it was actually always my dream as a kid to be one day on the biggest stage. I'd love to play one day on Broadway in New York. The theater stage is positive, it gives you the feeling of something real. You probably know how it feels like when you stand barefoot on that old wooden stage. You'll never forget it and you'll always keep it in your heart and mind and it will attract you back on it one day. The stage makes you alive and it'll bring you back.
CHRIS: Well said. So, where do you stand on doing nudity on stage or in films? Would you consider a role if it required you to do any nude scenes?
With two natives of the Brazilian Bahia region
during the making of Campo Bahia Unplugged
ANDREEA: If it has a serious background like playing a drama scene or a passionate love scene, sure! It would be nice to remember one day how my body looked like when I was young. There are two ways of nudity; the positive, artistic and the nudity for attention. As an actor, you never go wrong by expressing emotions like love and passion though nudity, instead of just trying be sexy and getting attention.
CHRIS: On to your modeling. You have an impressive portfolio. When did you start modeling and what was your very first shoot?
ANDREEA: Thank you! I did love modeling and smiling for the camera since the age of six, but soon I realized that I'm not going to be as tall as my brother, so I focused on my acting career and couldn't leave the mirror. I did a couple of modeling shoots for clothing, but I felt that it will not be my main job. For me, acting and knowing the character and studying her background and life was always most interesting and important for me, not only posing for some photos. I do love moving, living the character, and giving her energy and emotions so she becomes a part of me and finally alive though me.
CHRIS: So moving on to sports. You're a big football (soccer) fan. What was it like when you were in Brazil during the 2014 World Cup?
ANDREEA: It was incredibly hot in Brasil! I needed to go back to Europe. I still wish I'd enjoyed it more, but the heat was too much for me. Then, I had my first audition for the Actors Studio West in Los Angeles so after the World Cup, I flew to Los Angeles and a month later, had my first audition for the Actors Studio. Then, Jack Garfein in Paris has changed all for me. Since I learned from him, I now know how to play act better. I love being a part of the World Cup and I want to be a part of it for a long time.Yes, European soccer is more "painful" than American football!
On the California coast
CHRIS: I see. So, are you planning on going to Russia for the 2018 World Cup?
ANDREEA: I don't think I will be there for the 2018 World Cup. I'll be too busy with acting projects and writing ...but they're always welcome to invite me!
CHRIS: So what sports do you enjoy playing?
ANDREEA: I played tennis as a child. I still like it and all those pretty outfits and the skirts. I like the its fashion too.
CHRIS: Do you have any hobbies or skills that most people do not know about?
ANDREEA: Art. I do paint. Mainly with black color. I do like to sing some Marilyn Monroe songs. My eye color changes with my emotions. Bright brown is for sad, chocolate brown, for happy, and dark or black for love. I'd love to one day play Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor. Not to be them, but to make them alive again
CHRIS: How about Marilyn Monroe?
ANDREEA: Well, my eyes are dark but with blue contact lenses, for sure! I do have huge books about her and others my shelves.
CHRIS: You're a very interesting lady with a lot of depth. So, anything you think I missed you would like to mention?
ANDREEA: I'm always late, part of my charm. (laughs). I love peace, harmony and love... and I love sharing those with friends, family, and crew. I do love spending time hours before or after a shoot on the set. It's so interesting when everything is silent, you can touch all equipment and try to imagine where it will takes place, it's very exiting having your own "head cinema."
CHRIS: Any other secrets you'd like to share?
The sun worshiper in Bahia. Andreea said she must
  have smelled delicious to the mosquitoes because
of all the bites she received from them.
ANDREEA: I fell in love with a guy who tried to get information from me. I thought he was real. You can go ahead and publish that. No secrets. I do like to listen to Maria Callas, and if I marry a man one day, he will have to accept that I will probably love and enjoy chocolate first.
CHRIS: You've traveled quite a bit. What are some of the more adventuresome things you've done?
ANDREEA: Some dangerous stuff ... hmmm. I've been on a high mountaintop and also in dangerous Brazilian airplanes. I spent weeks living on a deserted island with Indians. Living like them and eating fish on palm leaves, very close to a land where dangerous black leopards live.
CHRIS: So, you lived with them as one of their tribe?
ANDREEA: Yes, me and my film crew while we were making the documentary Campo Bahia Unplugged during the (2014) World Cup. Yes, like the Indians just for a short time while living with them I wore normal clothes, bikini and t-shirt, short jeans. Not barefoot because its dangerous. There are snakes and worms.
CHRIS: Where did you sleep?
ANDREEA: After I left the Indians, I always returned to the Hotel. I lived in a Hotel for 4 1/2 months.
CHRIS: Ahh, I thought maybe in huts with the tribe's women
ANDREEA: No, we had work It would have been impossible to keep the technical equipment, and cameras always outside.
CHRIS: So you were more like a guest of the tribe, not really a member. Do you think you would ever like to stay with them again, as a member and live just like they do, 24 hours a day?
As a blonde (a wig) for a test shot early this year
ANDREEA: Yes, one day for a month to be closer to the nature and to feel free. I'm a sun worshiper. Maybe in five or six years, or earlier I do like being alone on the beach. I love to listen to the waves and sound of the ocean and to meditate and get its power and energy for life. I love meditations and praying to the earth. I did spend time on a island where Beyoncé takes her private holiday. I've been there many times. Almost five times a week in the last five months!! But I haven't seen her. Those are lonely places
CHRIS: So many ladies I interview have tattoos and body piercings, but I see you have none?
ANDREEA: I don't. I keep my body free for the makeup girls
CHRIS: Ever considered a tattoo or a piercing?
ANDREEA: No, never ....and I've had only one boyfriend. How many pounds do you think I weigh?
CHRIS: Hmm, how tall are you?
ANDREEA: 165cm. that's 5'5"?
CHRIS: Yes. So, I'll guess 105 pounds?
ANDREEA: 100. I don't smoke, no alcohol, no stupid guys ....but I can get fat from chocolate (laughs). I want people to start being more smart with animals, and not eat so much meat. Every two or three days but not twice a day. I cry when I watch all those incredible videos about animals. I'm a very emotional person. I do care a lot about my surroundings. I'm attentive and I love the truth if you don't, then you better leave my place.
CHRIS: What do you do to stay in such good shape? Run? Go to the gym?
ANDREEA: Yes, both and eating healthy but as I said, I can get a big ass from chocolate. Fat goes always down to my butt.
CHRIS: What do you consider to be your best physical feature?
In Paris last April
ANDREEA: Hmmm, my smile.
CHRIS: Yes, I can definitely see that. Oh, how many languages can you speak?
ANDREEA: Four: American English, German, Romanian and Portuguese. Oh. and a little French. As an actor, you can change fast voices.
CHRIS: If you could meet any artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?
ANDREEA: Pablo Picasso ...Cubism fascinated me...James Cameron, I love his movies .... Johnny Depp fascinated me, and I love all Tim Burton movies. They're my favorites. My dream is to play Cleopatra one day
CHRIS: Well with that, I'll say it's been amazing chatting with you Andreea. In closing, do you have any shout-outs you'd like to give to anyone who will read this?
ANDREEA: To anyone who should read this whole interview, sure, I send them all a big shout-out and when I'm a big star in three years, then you'll be a lucky man. I hope this interview was interesting for you?
CHRIS: Absolutely! In fact, I have many more questions I'd love to ask you. I find you a very interesting and thoughtful lady Maybe another time for a follow-up
ANDREEA: Yes, thank you! Wish you a wonderful day!

From a test shoot Andreea did for the role of Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

During the making of Campo Bahia Unplugged

Earlier this year at Leo Carrillo State Beach in Malibu, California

With Annika Strauss in 2012, during the filming of Jamira

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