Ysabel Young for Doritos

On this Super Bowl Sunday, here's a commercial produced by Last Doorway Productions' Reyna Young for Doritos' 2011-2012 "Crash the Super Bowl" ad contest. According to Reyna, who shot the commercial in Pacifica, California; "there were quite a bit of zombie-themed entries, but every time I checked, it looked like ours had the most hits, which was cool."

Ysabel Young, the lovely lady featured in this spot, is Reyna's sister and actually is not an actress or model. Besides this ad and putting on a clown costume to introduce Miss Misery's Movie Massacre show during its first three seasons, Ysabel leads a private life, away from the camera and is happy with that. The lady getting dined upon by the zombie is Bay Area actress Judy Cerda, whom I've had the pleasure of interviewing in June of 2011. Reyna, the ad's producer who isn't see here, I first interviewed in September of 2011 and did a follow-up with in August of 2012.


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