The Ladies of Captured Hearts

Here's the very recent New York City Horror Film Festival interview with three of the lovely stars of the 2013 gore delight, Captured Hearts. Melantha Blackthorne, Rachael Robbins (also the film's co-writer), and Seregon O'Dassey play three of the five Van Houten sisters Susan, Leslie, and Rosalie, respectively, in the Kenneth Del Vecchio-Dylan Bank splatterfest.

I doubt that the characters' surname being the same as one of the Manson Family girls, nor the name of the town they reside in being "Mansionville," was mere coincidence. It can also be assumed that Leslie is the eldest and leader of the sexy siblings, who are the "professional backbone" of the small town, and so much more. Suzi Lorraine and Jamie White play the other two Van Houten sisters; Candy and (of course) Patricia (since there's a "Susan" and "Leslie"), respectively.

Also in the cast are Deirdre Lorenz, and a very impressive group of veteran actors, which includes Charles Durning in his last role. To learn more, check out the film's IMDb listing and Michael Gingold's article at Fangoria. Of course, it's possible at least one of the above ladies will be featured in an interview here, in the not-too-distant future.


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