Miss Misery's Movie Massacre

As it's coming up on the Halloween season, here's the Queen of Horror in the San Francisco Bay Area, Reyna Young, better know by Bay Area horror fans as Miss Misery, with a teaser for her Movie Massacre.

Besides hosting Movie Massacre, which is now getting ready to go into its fourth season, Reyna is now earning some attention for her acting roles in several short films. The most recent being in two of her own, Sally, and Monster of the Golden Gate, the latter of which she tells me is a throwback to the awesome black and white cheesy B monster movies of the 1950s and 60s. She'll also be appearing in a small role in Patrick O'Bell's The Divine Order, due out later this year and she recently published her book of poetry, entitled Dislocated Thoughts

Promo spot last May for this year's Scareanormal in Fresno, California.

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