Lucy Liu Does Saturday Night Live

As an avid Saturday Night Live fan, I'm a pretty good authority as to who the more memorable (and forgettable) cast members have been and which hosts and musical guests have shined (and stunk) over the years. After watching the show the other night (and dubbing Cecily Strong the hottest female SNL cast member ever), I did some research and, just as I thought; in SNL's 38-year history, the show has never had an Asian cast member and has had only one Asian female host, who was Lucy Liu, well over a decade ago. Above is Lucy's opening monolog from her December 16th, 2000 appearance as host. Since she was the first Asian female to ever host SNL, it wasn't surprising that she capitalized on that fact by using some Asian stereotypes to bring out the laughs.


  1. Hard to believe it's been so long. Lucy looks like she hasn't aged a day when I see her on Elementary. I saw you did a post on Tina Kim way back. She would have been perfect for the SNL cast I think.

    1. Yeah, Lucy's still quite the hammer at 45. Regarding Tina Kim; I haven't seen much of her lately. Maybe she would have been a good candidate for SNL, but even if they were looking for an Asian member to add a little more diversity to their cast, it would take more than just being funny to pass their tough auditions.

  2. Wow blast from the past! I remember watching this when I was home from college on Christmas break. Thanks for this!

  3. Been looking all over the net for this. Thanks!


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