WTF with Bianca Barnett

I know it's too late to be featuring a Christmas-themed piece and way past the Halloween season for a horror-themed one, but this is the latest and last episode of the first season of the fright film review show, WTF with Bianca Barnett. (It stands for "watch these films" and yes, of course; at first, I thought it stood for "what the fuck" like I'm sure most of you did.) This one posted on Christmas Eve and here Bianca gives her review of the 1980 Yuletide slasher flick, Christmas Evil

The online syndicated show has become quite popular and is carried on Apple iTunes and several websites such as Horror Palace, where you can find all season 1 episodes on video and podcast. To learn more about the 2011 Golden Cob award-winning Scream Queen, check out her website and my August, 2011 interview with her, which is the best interview with Bianca on the net, despite what others may claim.


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