Since she started modeling in 2006, Inkerbella has been featured in some of the most popular pin-up and tattoo magazines in the US. She firmly believes that "you gotta love the skin that you were born in" and the skin she was born in is adorned with many colorful designs, reminiscent of the traditional American tattoo artwork of the 1940s and 50s. Speaking of that time, many of Inkerbella's photo shoots bring to mind the World War II-era pin-up models that graced the noses of fighter planes and GI footlockers, in addition to being tattooed on the arms of US servicemen.

Also an actress, Inkerbella's credits include appearances in such TV shows as 1000 Ways to Die and 8.13. One of her most recent film roles is in Jun-seong Kim's upcoming thriller Innocent Blood, where she's cast against type as a conservative-looking university student. She also has her own signature perfume line from Black Corset Scents, that come in bottles with mini handcuffs attached.

Bella (as her friends call her) was very happy to take some time to answer my questions that included the "regular" jobs she's held, who the best Phantom of the Opera was, and of course, her tattoos. I didn't ask about her piercings during the interview but found out about them later.

CHRIS CHARLES: I'm especially glad to be featuring you here, Bella. We seem to have several things in common such as horror, movies, musical genres, classic pin-up art. I did have my tattoos removed, however.
INKERBELLA: Well hello Chris and thanks for having me! I sure appreciate your time and efforts learning about me! Yes, you're right; all the the above is correct! Darn ...why in the heck did you remove your tats? Hopefully it's to be able to add something cool in their place?
CHRIS: Well, I overdid it when a was younger and realized that several years later. I'm happy now that I'm a "clean slate," but maybe, but doubtful, one day I'll get a peacock again, but reasonably proportioned next time. Anyway, you've been modeling since 2006. What did you do before that? Any "regular" jobs?
BELLA: Yes I have been modeling professionally since 2006. My regular jobs huh? Well...gosh, do you really wanna know all that stuff? Okay...let's see, I'm going to take you way back in time. I worked as an assistant manager at a Hallmark store, office manager at a chiropractic office and office manager at a gymnastics school. Oh the memories!
CHRIS: You've done interviews and shoots with some of the most popular pin-up girl magazines out there. Any particular favorite?
BELLA: I can't say I have a favorite, they are all so different and I feel lucky to have even been featured and interviewed with them. I can tell you that I'm a permanent celeb. judge for Pin Up America magazines' Pin Up Contests! That's always a lot of fun! So, I'd have to say I love them all!!
CHRIS: You have done some nude modeling and even the ladies I've interviewed who don't do nude modeling at all, tell me, despite that, they still constantly get offers. So I assume you often get offers for nude shoots?
BELLA: I have done nude modeling for paid sites in the past. I see nothing wrong with it personally, if it's done tastefully. I don't do much of the nude modeling though, I'd prefer topless over full nudity myself. I have had offers to do other interesting things, but that is not what I do. I'm not in the business to go that direction. I'm sure if they keep looking they will find the people who do what they are asking for. I just nicely say no thank you.
CHRIS: Many of your photo shoots are reminiscent of the World War II pin-up girls you'd see as the nose art on fighter planes like "Memphis Belle." Where did this influence come from?
BELLA: I just love that vintage look, its appealing to me... I think it's cute. I can't really say where my influence came from, I guess you could say I have seen the art work of Alberto Vargas and wanted to duplicate my own little way. But I'd have to say my favorite model/actress would have to be Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe, so they have inspired me as well.
CHRIS: Do you come from a military family?
BELLA: Well, my grandfather was in the military, and his dad also. But that is pretty much it. It wasn't something I grew up with in my household really.
CHRIS: Are you Inkerbella 24-7 or do you have a milder-mannered alter ego, like Catwoman's Selina Kyle?
BELLA: Well funny you ask. "Inkerbella," as most people probably know by now, is my stage name. It is officially mine though because it's trademarked by me. Most people know me as Bella and even though I have another side to me Inkerbella has become me!! I'm Inkerbella 24/7 but the other side of me is also there too. I do still work an office job when I'm not on set of a film or doing a photo shoot..... so when I'm there I go by my real name and I have to watch my language a bit more, where as with Inkerbella, she's "bilingual"....ummm you know what I mean the "fuck," "shit" etc. favorite "sailor talk" we'll say.  I hope that answers your's kinda hard to explain. Inkerbella is who I have become, who I choose to be day in and day out.
CHRIS: What was you very first tattoo?
BELLA: Oh well I'm sure it won't be much of a surprise if I were to tell you the classic low back tattoo...hehe. It's tribal looking and has a heart in the middle because I love hearts and in the middle of the heart is a butterfly. Tattoo Jared ( has done ALL of my tattoos! He's also my best friend and husband.
CHRIS: Will there be a point where you will stop getting more tattoos?
BELLA: Probably not! I have so much space to still fill up. People always ask; "Well, what are you going to do when you run out of space?" ...and I have that already figured out. When that happens ...that my friends, is when I start to tattoo others!
CHRIS: Do you think that tattoos can be addictive?
BELLA: Oh yes!! Most definitely! Everyone always says; "Oh I'm only getting one" and I tell them; "Oh, you'll be back for more!!" I think it's because you get to control what your appearance is with tattoos. So because of that, it becomes addicting. You see more and more you want to improve and beautify.
CHRIS: is an awesome site. Was posing as the Phantom your first choice and will you be posing as any other famous horror characters for that site?
INKERBELLA: Thanks! I love my Ghoul Girls Family!! I was one of the original Ghoul Girls! Phantom was my first set. It did had meaning for me to do that one! I fell in love with the Phantom of the Opera back when I was in Jr. High. I went to the Broadway performance of it twice. I learned all the songs and sang them it was special for me to do that set. Back when it first started in 2007, Ghoul Girls was actually a paid only site. The reason for this was because it was a topless type tease site. So we did topless pictures with motion video to go along with the set. But things changed and they decided to go a different direction with it. So my little tease video is no where to be found on the net anymore and now the site is all age more topless images. The other set I did for the GG's was my Captain Spaulding set! That was so much fun!! I do have plans to do others with them, but don't want to give away any surprises, so you will have to wait and see who I become next!! :)
CHRIS: Who do you think was the best Phantom and PLEASE say Lon Chaney and no other actor could ever hold a candle to the master!?
BELLA: Well as I said earlier, I saw it and fell in love with it when I saw the Broadway production of it. So for me it's Michael Crawford. But Lon Chaney was amazing too as he was the original, so you are correct in saying he's the master. Agreed!
CHRIS: You have a signature perfume line. Tell me about it.
BELLA: I sure do!! I have a few in my line right now Inkerbella perfume which smells of vanilla and jasmine and the Inkerbella's Candy Floss perfume which smells of cotton candy! I have it in stores here in California (A Pin Ups Closet and Viva Dulce Marina) or you can order online!
CHRIS: Did you help Juli Rice with the developing of Inkerbella Perfume or just the marketing?
BELLA: Well Juli is the master mixer of the scents. She came to me with the original scent and then would send me a samples to see if I liked it. So we worked on it together, but she does all the behind the scenes hard work.
CHRIS: I see. So, were those little handcuffs your idea?
BELLA: Juli saw them and thought of me! I loved the idea. She knew I've done some bondage-type photo shoots in the past and knew it was right up my alley. The tag line was "Innocents with a touch of sexy." I had a radio ad on Atomic Radio running for a while. Fun stuff!
CHRIS: I'm guessing one of your favorite bands is the Stray Cats and you also have some Andrews Sisters records in your collection. Correct?
BELLA: Oh man, I love so many different types of music! I love everything from classical to metal. It just depends on my mood really. I do have some Stray Cats in my iPod. A few of my favorite bands though are The Used, The Anix, and so so so many more.
CHRIS: I know you're a big Bettie Page fan. Did you ever meet or make contact with her?
BELLA: Wow did do your homework!! Yes I love Bettie Page and Yes, I did have some contact with her right before she died. I met her assistant and he actually showed her some of my modeling work. She said she loved it! She knew that she inspired me and he passed on my messages to her. She also saw the tattoo that I have of her on my arm and she was totally impressed by it. She loved it and thought my hubby did an amazing job! I felt so lucky to have had that connection with her before her passing! She was a true inspiration to all and one that is truly missed!
CHRIS: I understand you are in the soon-to-be released indie film Innocence Blood. Tell me about your role and are you credited as "Inkerbella"?
BELLA: I played the role of a college student, actually. I don't look anything like my normal everyday self. As you said earlier I was more conservative for this role so in order to spot me you will have to pay close attention! The film is premiering this weekend May 19th in Hollywood. There are many super and great talented actors in this film. I got to personally talk and work with Jun Kim and Doug Jones. Both are amazing actors and both down to earth special people.
CHRIS: You play a not-so-innocent character in One Car Funeral. Tell me about that one.
BELLA: YES!! It's really exciting! I have heard by the director that it is now done and is in the process of being put out on Blu-ray! It will premiere at the Playhouse West Film Festival June 8th-10th, 2012 at the El Portal Theater North Hollywood, CA. So looking forward to seeing the finished product! I played the role of a Dominatrix, "Mistress Crimson" and it was a fun and interesting role. I did a lot of studying for this role as I wanted to really develop my character. You will ALWAYS see me credited as Inkerbella!
CHRIS: Do you have any hobbies or interests that most people don't know about?
BELLA: Hummm...well let's see...the normal girly stuff. I like to shop, hang with my friends and family, and I like to sing! I also am always on the look out to add to my collection of The Disney Haunted Mansion stuff!!
CHRIS: So, what are your current projects?
BELLA: I just finished filming with Maroon 5 for their new music video coming out real soon called One More Night so keep a look out for that. Other than that, I'm sure I'll be filming with 8.13 again soon. In case you don't know, I have a re-occurring role as a Zombie in 8.13 which is a TV show on the American Horror Channel. I've done some auditions lately as well so we will see what happens and where I will go next!!
CHRIS: Well, it's been a pleasure Bella. I know you'd like to give shout-outs and a word to your fans, so please feel free!
BELLA: Well thanks again Chris for taking the time to interview me! It's been fun! I always want to thank my friends/fans out there! It's amazing to me that you all care to follow my work for all these years and continue to do so! I sure appreciate it and it makes it all worth it to me! I love hearing from you and appreciate your kind words! Just always remember to follow your dreams! As always, a BIG Thanks and loves to Tattoo Jared for being so supportive of all I do and my sidekick Kelsey for being so super! HUGS!!


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