Friday the 13th Victim, Annie

Even though many of the actresses I feature and interview here have done primarily horror films, this is not to be considered a horror film blog. However, in honor of Friday the 13th, I've decided to ask you, dear readers, if you know the full name of Jason's first female victim in the original 1980 horror classic Friday the 13th. See the answer after the jump.

It was a trick question. (Similar to the one that fooled Casey Becker in the opening segment of Scream.) Jason wasn't the killer in the original Friday the 13th. So, if you were trying to find out Annie's last name, and even found out it wasn't mentioned in the movie or given in the credits, you wasted your time because Jason didn't start his rampage until the sequel. In the original, the killer was his mother, Mrs. Pamela Voorhees and her first victim was Annie (played by actress Robbi Morgan), who never quite made it to Camp Crystal Lake:


  1. I was just going to comment and tell you that before I read the second part!

  2. Jason did kill that one kid in the boat, at the end of the film. But it was a guy.

    1. Wrong on both counts. That scene at the end of the original movie was a dream that Alice (Adrienne King) was having about Jason coming out of the water and grabbing HER.

      She was eventually killed by Jason but it was in her apartment at the beginning of part 2.

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah, that's right. Annie wasn't even slated to be a counselor. She was going to be the cook. Well, guess Mrs. Voorhees just viewed all the camp staff as the same type as the ones that let her son drown in '58.


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