Amanda Abrahamson

20 year-old university student and model Amanda Abrahamson was brought to my attention by Ryan Hurd, who sent me a compliment on the feature I did on his friend, actress Nicole Kruex. Ryan is the driving force behind the Minnesota-based clothing company "Bōbiam Artistic Streetwear." The company designs clothing that features the works of young artists. For every item Bōbiam sells, the artist gets $1 and the company donates $1 to a local charity called "Free Arts of Minnesota," a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing healing through artistic expression into the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk children and their families.

Since Ryan told me what a great job I did on Nicole's article, and flattery often works with me (and of course, because it's a great cause), I wanted to do something to help promote his company. I suggested I do a feature on one of the adult ladies that models the clothing on Bōbiam's website and in turn, give the company a nice plug. Knowing a great idea when he hears one, Ryan said he had one particular girl in mind who'd be interested in my offer, which brings me to Amanda.

After receiving a message from Amanda stating she'd love to be interviewed for a feature here, I checked out her Facebook page to learn a little more about her, in order to come up with some relevant questions to ask. (I don't have a list of "generic" questions that I use for interviews, like some do.) When I noticed under "employers" at Amanda's Facebook profile, she listed she was a "Princess at All About Fun," I was put off because writing about a spoiled rich girl who lives to party, was something I didn't care to do. However, I mistakenly jumped to conclusions there. After delving a little further into Amanda's profile page, I learned that wasn't a flippant comment at all. You see; Amanda portrays a Disney princess for a company she works for called "All About Fun," who cater children's birthday parties! So, after having a laugh over that, I came up with some questions that would give a little insight into the Bōbiam clothing model. I just wish I could have asked Amanda them in person so that I could have found out if she was as verbally enthusiastic as she was in her e-mails, where she ended almost all of her answers with an exclamation mark.

During a shoot for Bōbiam
(Author's Note: The following are Amanda's unedited replies to my questions. Well, unedited except for the omissions of several few exclamation marks.)

CHRIS CHARLES: Thanks for doing this, Amanda. If this your first interview of any type?
AMANDA ABRAHAMSON: It's really is my pleasure Chris! Actually, this is not my first interview, I have been fortunate enough to be featured in local magazines and newspapers for various accomplishments throughout the past couple of years.
CHRIS: You look like the stereotypical California beach girl, but you were born and raised in Minnesota?
AMANDA: I just have the best of both worlds! The Midwest and the West all wrapped into one! Cali is by far my favorite place to vacation, so I take home the West Coast trends and attitude with me when I return to Minnesota! Throughout the summer months in Minnesota my friends and I spend our time boating and tanning on Lake Minnetonka, and through the winter we enjoy the snow.
CHRIS: Where have you been for spring break?
AMANDA: My spring break trips describe my personality extremely well! Depending on the amount of snow in Colorado and the weather in California, I decide between the two! Last year my trip was to Cali, the previous year was to Colorado!
CHRIS: You currently model clothing for Bōbiam Artistic Streetwear. How did you get involved with the company?
AMANDA: My passion is helping local businesses succeed through my modeling career. When I got word that my friend Ryan Hurd was starting a company with his brother-in-law, William Farrell and friend Joel Baardseth, I immediately was in touch with them regarding photo shoots. The Bōbiam Artistic Streetwear company is my favorite that I have modeled because of the endless creativity and amazing energy that gets channeled into their clothing products! They are up and coming, which is my favorite type of clothing to wear on a daily basis, so I fit right in with the atmosphere of the brand! I highly recommend their unique clothing line!
With one of her pet ducks; Bolt
CHRIS: Have you done any other modeling?
AMANDA: Growing up, I competed in pageants around Minnesota. I would always compete in the "Miss Photogenic" competition, which included submitting a portfolio of pictures of yourself. The girls I competed against all had professional photos taken, but I kept winning Miss Photogenic with my random home-taken photos! I realized that I had potential in this industry, so I started where I was most comfortable. I was a Girl Scout model and spokeswoman for three years throughout high school. It was during high school that I had my first portfolio made, and I have modeled for various companies since then. I'm very interested in continuing and expanding my modeling career in the future!
CHRIS: I understand you work for an entertainment company and play Disney princesses at kids' birthday parties. Please tell me more about that.
AMANDA: This is true! I work for a company called "All About Fun," where I dress up as different characters at children's parties. My most popular character I am hired to play is Sleeping Beauty, followed by Cinderella. I also act as costumed characters such as Elmo and Dora the Explorer! This is absolutely the most enjoyable job I have ever held!
CHRIS: It also looks like you're quite an animal lover. Have you ever had any unusual pets?
AMANDA: My life completely revolves around animals! I am constantly around dogs, which are my favorite animal. I just recently got a new yellow lab puppy. I named her Lola and she is the love of my life! I also have had bunnies and more interestingly, ducks for pets. I grew up in a small town in Minnesota, so many of my friends have large amounts of land.
I decided to buy three ducks and one goose to keep in my friend's barn last summer. I became very attached to one of the ducks, an Indian Running Duck. Living up to her breed, she is named after the fastest runner in the world; Bolt. She is definitely my pride and joy. I love socializing her!
CHRIS: What are your hobbies?
AMANDA: Growing up in Minnesota has shaped my interests and hobbies. I love to partake in snowmobiling during the Winter months! My family, friends, and I all go riding on the local lakes and trails whenever possible. I am also going to experience my first season of snowmobile racing this Winter. I am planning to compete in Hillcross races; races where riders race their snowmobiles up ski runs! In the summer I spend my time getting bronze on the lakes, boating, and jet skiing!
CHRIS: Well, I'm glad I got to know a little more about you Amanda. Oh, just one more question: Which would you least like to do; eat reheated macaroni and cheese or wear black cotton socks?
AMANDA: Oh my gosh! I absolutely hate both options!! If I had to choose, I would least like to wear black cotton socks! I just think they are tacky and unnecessary!


  1. Wonder if she's any relation to Dora Abrahamson?

    1. Lately there has been a lot of traffic to this post, from people searching for "Dora Abrahamson," but I doubt Amanda is any relation to her.

    2. That's what brought me here! Good article - but I'm a little disappointed it's not Dora - lol

    3. Good interview but you can add me to the list of Googlers who landed here while searching for Dora. ^^


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