Jackie Fox on The Dating Game

Jackie Fox wasn't the original bassist, but she was definitely the best-known bassist for the 70s all-girl band the Runaways, whose more notable alumnae are Joan Jett and Lita Ford. Along with Cherie Currie and Sandy West, the quintet that included Jackie, is considered the classic Runaways' line up. After Jackie left the band in 1977, near the end of their Japan tour, she faded away from the spotlight. However, she did make this one-time appearance on the Dating Game in 1980. When asked about this in a 1998 interview, she was quoted as saying:
My roommate at the time worked for Chuck Barris productions and was responsible for getting potential contestants in to audition. She had a quota and one week when she hadn't met it begged me just to show up. So I went and, since I wasn't taking it seriously, just mouthed off when I got there. Which, of course, they loved. So I went on out of curiosity. The best part about it was that Pee Wee Herman was on the game after me!! It was one of Paul Reuben's earliest appearances as Pee Wee and he was hilarious. I don't have a tape of that appearance. If anyone out there has one, I'd love a copy.
I've posted the video in its entirety (from Jackie's introduction to her parting), so the bachelors' inane presences and replies to Jackie's questions are unfortunately included. To see what Jackie's been up to since, just check out her Wikipedia entry. (Video credit: CherieO at Youtube)


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