Subway Pole Dancer, Feifei

21 year-old pole dance instructor Feifei recently gained some notoriety in the Mainland Chinese city of Nanjing, for practicing her art aboard the local subway trains. Thanks to her skills on the pole and a some passengers uploading videos of one her performances to the Internet last month, Feifei, has now become a local celebrity in the Nanjing 1912 district, where she teaches and performs. Dubbed by Chinese netizens as "Steel Pole Sister," Feifei has been reported as saying she just wants to make pole dancing more popular .... and I'd say she's the perfect poster girl to accomplish that mission.

During a news interview at her studio last month

Not all of Feifei's subway performances have resulted in applause or indifference. Here,
after catching her routine on the train, transit police escort her to the security office
...not for a private show but probably to issue her a citation for unlawful performance.

News story that includes some glimpses of the above-mentioned cell phone videos taken
by lucky subway passengers who were treated to Feifei's subway pole dance routine.


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