Naked News Korea

Toronto-based Naked News (whose own Yukiko Kimura has been featured here) has branched out even further by recently launching its Korean affiliate. The announcement was made at a press conference in Seoul earlier this month (above).

However, the Naked News Korea anchors won't really be naked. They will have two versions; an "adult" version, where the anchors will just be topless, and a (no kidding) "teen" version, where the anchors will be clad in bikinis and lingerie. Users will have to log in to the site using their Korean national ID numbers, which is how their age will be determined.

The Korean Naked Newscasting team will be comprised of nine beautiful anchors, ages 22-27 (actual ages, not "Korean ages"), who, like all their Naked News counterparts in other countries, will deliver all the top regional and international news stories with dedicated professionalism ....while they're disrobing. Of course and unfortunately, unlike their counterparts in other countries, the Korean anchors will only strip to a certain point.

The newscasting team posing together at the press conference

Kim Jae-kyung delivering news on a North Korean missile launch

Choi Seon-yi with the international report

Lee Shi-hyo gives the weather forecast

August 2009 Edit: Only a month after its launch, Naked News Korea ceased operations, much to the disappointment of subscribers and anchors. (The ones that remained for the entire one-month duration of the show, that is.) Evidently, the show was never an official affiliate of the Totonto-based Naked News franchise and the CEO running things at NN Korea was not on the up-and-up. Read about it here. Below is a photo of the four remaining newscasters right after learning that NN Korea folded and that they would probably never see any pay for their work.


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