Makeup Artist Stephanie Jun

This unplanned online interview was conducted April 3rd, 2009 at Stephanie Jun's request, because she was, as she put it; "home and bored on a Friday night." So, knowing she had recently begun a career as a makeup artist, I thought; "sure, why not?" and obliged her by asking her some question about her new career and a few other topics.

Stephanie (not surprisingly) never did get back to me with the photos she said she was going to have taken to accompany this interview and we have since fallen off each other's radar. However, rather than scrap this piece and chalk up the time I spent doing the Q&A with her and editing it, to wasted, I decided to publish it here, accompanied with a few photos of her from her now-shut-down Xanga blog.

As of this posting, Stephanie's Model Mayhem profile is still active and features photos of some of the models she's done makeup on.

Chris Charles: So I know you're Korean, but you were born and raised in the States, right?
Stephanie Jun: Yeah, I've been in Southern California all my life
CC: What is your current occupation?
SJ: I'm a makeup artist
CC: How long have you been doing that?
SJ: Well, I've been enrolled in school since January of this year, but I've actually loved it for about a year before that. I was kind of a ... not necessarily a tomboy, but I didn't really play with makeup as much before that time.
CC: What got you interested in it?
SJ: I started watching Youtube tutorials for my own sake to learn how to do my own makeup, but I got hooked, then started collecting my own makeup... then the rest is history.
CC: Are you a fan of any of the make-up "gurus" you can find on Youtube?
SJ: YES! My favorite is xinar0x. She's Indian, I think. I'd love to do her I also love queenofblending. She graduated from my makeup school, too.
CC: So what jobs have you worked on as a make-up artist?
SJ: I'm still just starting out, but I'm proud to say that I've already done a photo shoot for 13 Minutes magazine, which is a magazine geared towards more Asian, bicultural readers, and I've done a runway show for Paul Mitchell's school
CC: Have you ever done any sort of modeling or anything related to show biz yourself?
SJ: Haha, when I was younger I always had the dream of wanting to be an import model, but that died out pretty quickly, now that I'm behind the scenes of these types of things, I don't think I'd ever model.
CC: I see. What are your hobbies and special interests?
SJ: Oh man, I looove reading. Obviously, you know I love blogging. I dabble in some guitar/ukulele playing for when my family isn't home so I can play as loud as I want to, and I love watching standup comedy.
CC: Do you blog or vlog often?
SJ: I've blogged ever since it was invented, probably because prior to that, I've always kept diaries I have a huge box full of my old ones and it's really embarrassing to go back and read through them. I've only vlogged once, and I didn't really like it, it took too much time to put my face on, record and edit. Editing's fun, but not when you stutter as much as I do (laughs).
CC: I know you've checked out Asian Sirens at least once before. What do you think of the site and the models featured there and why did you accept my offer to have this featured there, as well? (Author's Note: This interview was never posted at Asian Sirens)
SJ: Well, who doesn't love hot Asian women?! No, just kidding, but I'm a huge advocate of having more Asian-Americans in the media. I think because of the lack of them, I got a lot of racist and stereotypical comments throughout high school because they were simply ignorant. I think Asians to this day are still portrayed as non-English speaking, dog-eating, submissive sex slaves, even if we're American.
CC: How do you feel about men who find Asian women to be more physically appealing just based on their ethnicity?
SJ: You mean guys that have yellow fever because they've seen Full Metal Jacket one too many times?
CC: Haha! Perhaps ...or guys who've lived in Asian countries for a while and may have developed a preference for Asian girls.
SJ: It's one thing to think that a certain ethnicity tends to possibly be more physically attractive. I have the tendency to think that, too, but I think it's sad when people just generalize and assume all the same things about one ethnicity and are dead set about it ....or, there are just certain men who appreciate a certain culture, and that's cool too.
CC: So what kinds of things do you find most attractive about a guy or a girl?
SJ: Hmm, for men, I find all the typical, traditional things about men attractive, like, I'm a complete anti-feminist, so when I think of my future husband I think of someone that is a provider, keeping me safe, and loving our children. As for women; I like femmes. I'm not attracted to studs (butch lesbians) and I like the idea of being with a girl that's smaller than me with a cute voice and nice hair. Mmm...I just got the chills! (Laughs)
CC: Have you ever had an experience with another girl or is this still just a fantasy?
SJ: Unfortunately, still a fantasy, but I still have hope; I'm checking Craigslist daily (laughs).
CC: Ah, really? Well, be cautious about Craigslist. What you see isn't always what you get. So, ever see any girls featured at Asian Sirens who floated your boat?
SJ: All of 'em! (laughs) So, I'm Stephanie ...I like long walks on the beach ....unless you don't, then I don't either. Send the message along to them!
CC: I've noticed that you have some tattoos and piercings.
SJ: I currently only have five piercings; two in each earlobe and my bellybutton, which is nothing these days. My two tattoos are of my name in Hangul (Korean) and a heart in the center of my pelvis with swirls going out toward my hip bones.
CC: So, what's the most adventuresome thing you're ever done?
SJ: I'm not really a crazy person. It's not that I'm shy or anything, I'm just lazy.
CC: Do you ever watch or read adult material?
SJ: How dare you ask me such a terrible question! Yeah ...I watch porn every day (laughs). My favorite genre is lesbian.
CC: Do you have an ethnic or physical preference when it comes to girls?
SJ: Ethnic? Nah. Physical? No BBWs.
CC: Oh, for AS readers who feel an interview isn't complete without this info: what are your vital stats?
SJ: 34-24-34 and I'm (just a shade under) 5'1"
CC: In closing, anything you'd like to say to Asian Sirens readers?
SJ: For the females; love yourself. You will never get anything done if you don't love yourself. As for the males; wear a condom!
CC: Fair enough. Well it's been fun, Stephanie. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
SJ: No problem, thank you! It's Friday night and I'm at home. If anything, you saved me from pulling my hair out.

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