Han Jang-hee

Even though there weren't any girls who stood out during the 2006 World Cup like the media-named "Miss World Cup," Shim Mina did in 2002, Han Jang-hee aka "Elf Girl" came the closest. After a photo of her wearing a nicely modified "Red Devils" t-shirt (the official name of the Korean national soccer team's fans) hit the Internet, she was quickly dubbed Elf Girl, due to her resemblance to a popular anime character.

Unlike Mina, who came out with her debut CD before the furor from the 2002 World Cup had a chance to die down, it's taken Jang-hee almost three years to release hers. She got plenty of offers from entertainment agencies shortly after her photo hit cyberspace, but she reportedly wanted to stay out of the limelight, even though she was no stranger to show biz. (Her mother was a fairly successful "trot" singer, and got Jang-hee featured on the cover of a CD in 2005.)

However, she changed her mind and decided she wanted to become a singer late last year and, according to the Korean entertainment media buzz, her debut disc is due for release any day now. Even though it's been reported that she's been taking dance and vocal lessons for the last few months, I don't think her singing will be what sells her.

From her latest photo shoot

A candid shot taken near her home sometime in 2006

The photo taken and uploaded during the 2006 World Cup
that gave Jang-hee her big break

 Gracing the cover of Hip Hop duo IF's 2005 We Are Music CD


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