Science Fiction Double Feature - Park Eun-sook

In the spirit of the Halloween season, here's the Usherette (played by Park Eun-sook) with the opening number from the 2001 Korean version of the Rocky Horror Show, "Science Fiction Double Feature."

The licensed Korean version of the cult classic ran in Seoul from 2001 through 2008 (although not continuously) with Eun-sook being the first and arguably the best, actress to fill the role of the Usherette/Magenta. As of this writing, the original Korean cast soundtrack is available at Amazon.


  1. Wow! Great singer! She really captured the essence of a Korean Magenta! Anything lost in the translation of the song?

    1. The original lyrics weren't literally translated to Korean, mailny because names like Michael Rennie, Leo G. Carroll, and Anne Francis would be totally unfamiliar to Korean audiences. Not to mention references to tarantulas and triffids.

    2. Right...Now that I listen to the song again, I don't hear any names from the original version mentioned. Thanks for this post Chris!


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