Esty Ng

23 year-old Chinese-Malaysian law student and part-time model Esty Ng was born and raised in Sarawak on the island of Borneo. She's currently going to school in Malaysia, and plans on getting her degree rather than going into professional modeling, an occupation she feels she isn't qualified for, despite opinions to the contrary.

Esty tells me she appreciates every little thing in her life that she finds interestingly beautiful. She says she captures them in pictures to share with her blog readers, which explains why there are literally hundreds of photos at her blogs.

During our chat, she also revealed to me what she describes as an obsession with elephants. In her own words; "For me, elephants just seem to be the nicest creatures on earth, and they are the only animal which cannot jump. Besides, people believe that elephants bring good luck and so do I. Thus, I collect everything which symbolizes an elephant."

From a photo shoot (left) and a promotional event (right) in Malaysia

Left: At left with a Chinese Christmas hamper that probably weighs almost as much as she does.
Right: A Movie World near Brisbane, Australia. I thought this photo was cute and when I asked
her about it she said, "trust me, the roller coaster behind me was indeed the most horrifying one!"

In the computer lab at school



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