Kanny Theng

Model Kanny Theng first caught my attention at hottestblogger.com, where she was one of the many Singapore girls featured. (Michelle Phan, also featured there, is one of the few from the U.S.) Even though that site hasn't been updated in several months, Kanny still posts to her Xanga frequently.

In addition to modeling at car shows, trade shows, and occasionally doing fashion and print work, she tells me she's also done a bit of acting, having appeared in a few local TV shows. Also, after been featured there the previous year, the readers of the Singapore entertainment website, Stomp, subsequently voted Kanny its STOMP MAXIMum Babe last June.

Kanny made the cover of the Singapore edition of Maxim magazine in
October of 2005 and later made their "Hot 100" list earlier this year.

Representing Korean company, LG Electronics at one trade show and...

...wearing the Toyota colors at another

For those of you who may have wanted to see any photos of her
in which she's not smiling, this was as close as I could find.

More bikini photos of Kanny here


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