One-Question Interview with Camille Keaton

I Spit on Your Grave (1978) was originally
known as Day of the Woman
Sometime back in the late 80s, I was watching the Phil Donahue Show and his guests were popular movie critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. The two were taking questions from Phil's studio audience and one lady asked what the absolute worst move they had ever seen was. Even though these guys didn't always agree with each other and when they did, it was rarely wholeheartedly, they answered without hesitation and practically in unison; "I Spit on Your Grave." I was very impressed with their mutual disdain for the film and knew it was one I simply had to see.

After putting I Spit on Your Grave at the top of my "must watch" list, I went to my local video store and luckily, they had a copy. (I remember this particular store had a great and extensive horror section.) That was the first time I saw actress Camille Keaton, who starred as Jennifer Hills, the rape victim who gets revenge on her attackers. Certainly the role she will always be best remembered for.

A few months ago, I contacted Camille through Facebook about an interview for a feature here. She replied and seemed receptive to the idea, but in short and despite efforts, it didn't happen. However, I did get an answer from her regarding something that I've wanted to hear directly from her, for years and that is: The model on the above poster for I Spit on Your Grave, which was shot for the 1980 re-release and is definitely the best-known poster for the film, is NOT her and she DOES NOT know who it is. There have been rumors and speculation over the years that it's actress Demi Moore (who would have been around 18 when the poster was shot), but that, as of yet, is unconfirmed.


  1. I've always wondered about that too.
    Thanks for clearing it up!

  2. Didn't Siskel and Ebert hate all slasher films?

  3. Siskel and Ebert definitely weren't slasher fans, but they didn't give thumbs down to all movies of that genre. Just mainly the ones that (as they put it) "hated women." Surprisingly, they gave high marks to Halloween.


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